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7 Day Winter Weight Loss Plan

7 Day Winter Weight Loss Plan

Winter is the time where those extra kilos tend to creep in and we reach for those comfort foods. How about preventing the winter weight gain and even better yet, LOSING WEIGHT this winter? We have attached a FREE 7-day weight loss plan to guide you through the cooler months so that you can still feel full and satisfied!

Don't wait until summer starts approaching to start looking after your body with healthy whole foods in the bid to look your best. Look and feel your best all year around.

Look out for upcoming blog post where we will be sharing some hearty and healthy winter warming recipes! 

You can access our 7 day winter weight loss plan here 

* TIP Save the weight loss plan to your phone in "ibooks" or as a document so you can use it to help you with food shopping!

Want more help in achieving your goals? Get in contact with your local dietitian to help get you on the right track
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from the team of Dietitians at Menu Concept

Nicole Moore

Written by : Nicole Moore

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