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Weight loss - An Incentive

Weight loss - An Incentive

Hi Nicole - I see Lee Johnson at Elizabeth SA

For many years since going on Bi Polar Meds in 1976 my Weight (and Health) has been up and down more time than a bride’s nightie!!

In April 2016 my daughter said to me on a visit from Melbourne to my home of Adelaide - Dad you can lose weight can’t you? I was a massive 139kg’s approx. That hit a note that no other Medical Practioner could strike despite constant threats of Heart Attacks and Strokes - so began my latest Weight Loss Program in earnest.

Basically next morning I was out at 4am pounding the pavement and for the next 4 years I was almost walking ( or shuffling in the early days) for up to 6-8 walks of about 50 minutes each - around 40+ klms every single day!

Also with the aid of My Fitness Pal which I had been tracking my diet/fitness since 2011 - I was offf and walking. It can be done!

In the first year I lost about 60 kg’s ! Yes that much! Since that anniversary I have basically kept it off but it has been a fight! My walking has now reduced to about 15 klms every single day - rain’ hail or shine - all conditions -every day no excuss but in the last year at a more modest time to start - about 6:00am - in the dark!

It’s been a battle and my daughter’s infamous words which must have saved my life I think have resonated with me every step of the way - every day - every time I stepped out and it was driving me to succeed.

My goal weight for my 170cms height is back down to 78kg’s - my Dr and Dietician were happy with 82 Kg’s but I want to go lower though not too low as at 67yo soon I need a bit of weight in case I get sick

Anyway I just had my first taste of the sniffles or any illness in 7 years and have gotten myself perfectly fit by walking and strict diet.

Needless to say my Medico’s and Dietician are doing backward somesaults and have huge smiles on their faces when the see me.

So after some nearly 35 years of battling with my weight I have it now under control but it is ongoing and I cannot let up.

So this briefly is my story and it can be done - you just need a starting point - an incentive - look around you at your loved ones - incentive enough

It can be done - just do it!


John Lemar
Elizabeth East Adelaide South Australia “


Lee has been inspirational since I started seeing her in helping me keep it off or the “bride’s nightie down!”

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