Consultancy Services

Getting Started with Nutritional Consulting Services

restarauntHere is a basic outline of how our Nutritional Consulting Services will work for you:

Initial Complimentary Consultation

An initial COMPLIMENTARY meeting will be arranged to determine what your company wants to achieve and the required steps that need to be taken.
A time line and step-by-step report  of what needs to be done to achieve the desired outcome is provided.

Data Collection

Once you have decided to have your panels developed then it is a matter of us working out which products or dishes you wish to have analysed. You may want to do all of your products or dishes on your menu analysed or just a selection.
We then assist you to organise all of the required recipe/ingredient information to be analysed in your dishes or products so your panels can be developed.


Once this is completed, your panels are compiled into a report and present ed to you with further explanation.
We will also endeavor to assist you with ideas of how you can use your panels e.g. brochure, website, menu etc. showcasing past successes to help inspire you.

Marketing & Product Development

We further assist clients to develop low fat dishes or products, assist with the development of healthier choice menus or even with marketing strategies you can use to promote the healthy aspects about your products or dishes. This will also be included in your report.

Special Product or Menu Development

If your clientele have special needs we can develop recipes for you that will meet these needs e.g. coeliac disease, allergies, diabetes, wheat free, dairy free, egg free etc.

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