Your Appointments with the Dietitian

What will happen at my first and follow up appointment?

fruitAt your first appointment the dietitian will assess what nutritional advice you require and then will conduct a dietary and lifestyle assessment, and devise a program to suit your needs and lifestyle. You will also be provided with additional getting started information. You will follow your program over a period of two weeks and will be required to keep full food records of what you eat.

At a follow up appointment in 2 weeks you will be weighed (if required) and your food records and symptom records (if required) will be assessed. You will be provided with goals to achieve each fortnight, and will be educated thoroughly on your dietary needs. Regular follow ups are encouraged until you achieve your required weight or alternative dietary goals.

If you are specifically coming for weight loss you will be provided with food education as well as ways to manage emotional eating, binging, guilt eating and yo-yo dieting syndrome. Habit changes are just as important as dietary changes, particularly if you want to lose the weight permanently. We will make you become a non dieter!

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