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foodNutritional Consultancy Services for the Hospitality Industry

Would you like to provide your customers with the nutritional composition of your dishes & products?

Would you like to inform your customers of the healthy nutrition claims about your menu?

Menu Concepts nutritional panel development can help.

People like to know what they are eating. By providing a nutrition panel you provide your customers with more confidence in your product. People want to know how much fat and sugar they are eating. You can include the nutrition information on your brochure, menu and even your website.

All of the nutritional data obtained is collated into a report for each dish, including the nutritional panel, and the legal positive nutritional claims that can be made about dishes on your menu, e.g. low in fat, low saturated fat, cholesterol free (if desired).

Would you like a low fat or specialty menu but don’t know how to develop it?

We can adapt and modify your recipes and/or menus to assist your corporation to develop alow in fat menu or product.

Specialty meals can also be addressed such as:

  • Low fat (97% fat free, 50% less fat)
  • Sugar free and low GI
  • Diabetes friendly
  • Gluten free or coleiac disease friendly
  • Low in carbohydrate

We can assist your corporation to develop the health claims that you could make about certain dishes and products on your menu, e.g. low in total or saturated fat, cholesterol free, low in salt or sugar free.

We can also:

  • help you to promote the nutritional positives about your products/dishes
  • write and develop nutritional stories about your products to help market you to your customers
  • provide you with product endorsement and dietitian support (provided that your product/recipes are in line with DAA Code of Ethics).
  • Assist with product development ideas

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