Menu Concepts Dietitian Services

Our Services

Menu Concepts offers our clients consulting services for a variety of areas in Dietitian and Nutritional Panel Services.

Dietitian Services

Menu Concepts is a team of Accredited Practising Dietitians, who provide professional, personalised, one on one consultations and develop individual weight loss and health programs.

Dietitian services include:

    • Individual weight loss and dietitian clinics across many states.
    • Private health fund rebates apply.
    • We do bulk bill some services so they maybe free for you (see your GP first).

Food & Nutrition Consultations

Menu Concepts also provides dietitian consultancies to the hospitality industry including:

    • Nutritional analysis of dishes and food products
    • Creating nutrition panels for positive marketing
    • Help develop "low in fat" and healthier menu choices
    • Assist with product developmental ideas

Large corporations like McDonalds™ have responded to the increase in healthier eating by advertising the nutritional analysis of their food products. To remain viable takeaway outlets, cafes, restaurants and patisseries must also respond to the increasing demand with positive health claims and healthier options.

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