Weight Loss & Weight Management

Weight Management

Weight management is one of our areas of speciality.

At your initial one-on-one appointment with your dietitian, you will conduct a dietary and lifestyle assessment and start on a lifestyle plan that is suited to your individual needs. Your program will allow you to still eat with your family, go out for a meal and enjoy a piece of chocolate if you want.

You will enjoy all the foods that you currently enjoy.

There are no shakes, diet pills, or detox days!

There will be no hunger or deprivation on your program.

Our motto is 'if you can't do an eating program forever then there is no point in starting it!' You will be able to continue with the program your dietitian devises for you forever. The dietitians will assist you to achieve and maintain your final goal weight. 

The dietitians focus on helping you to improve your eating habits, but they also focus on helping you to break and change your old dieting behaviours and how to think positive and keep motivated to help you to achieve your goals.

At follow up appointments your progress is reviewed and weight loss monitored. Problems and difficulties that you may experience are discussed and you will be educated on how to manage them in the future. Issues such as emotional eating, guilt and depression eating, eating out, label reading, quick and easy meal ideas and recipes, exercise, motivation and positive thinking are also discussed with you when required. Free summary handouts and brochures are also provided for your convenience.

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