Correspondence Weight Loss Program

About the Weight Loss Program

recipe book imageThe accredited practising qualified dietitians from Menuconcepts Pty Ltd have developed a low GI, lifestyle, weight loss program for people who have spent years following diets, trying to lose weight without success.

The program is suitable for:

  • Anyone trying to lose weight
  • Anyone trying to lose weight who may suffer with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure
  • Those who may have possible metabolic syndrome (symptoms e.g. difficulty with weight loss, headaches, itchy skin, dizziness, tiredness, bloating, sugar cravings, irritability, difficulties sleeping, night hunger)
  • Anyone trying to loose weight who may suffer with PCOS.

This program has previously only been available for our clients who have been able to attend any one of our clinics, so those people living in remote areas or people who simply could not attend our clinics have not been able to have access to our program. This program is now available for you to follow from the comfort of your own home.

People who start diets eventually stop them. The MenuConcepts Lifestyle program has been developed so you feel as if you are following your normal eating patterns, with some adjustments to ensure weight loss. Our motto is if you cannot go on an eating plan forever then it is best not start it.

The program is designed to fit into anyones normal lifestyle, as we encourage the use and consumption of normal foods in your eating plan. You do not have to cook separate meals for your family, and you can still eat out and indulge in your favourite food pleasures like wine or chocolate. Our Menuconcepts Pty Ltd recipe book contains up to 100 healthy low fat, low GI, no added sugar recipe ideas that can be simply swapped to fit into your weight loss program. So it is easy to follow your program and lose weight forever. You can cook directly from the book and feed the whole family, and still know it will be assisting you to follow our weight loss program.

The low GI principles of the program assist people to sustain good energy, with minimal hunger or cravings. The Menuconcepts Pty Ltd low GI lifestyle weight loss program is a calorie controlled eating plan, tailored to your metabolism type, including a good balance of complex low GI carbohydrates and lean protein, to promote slow release of glucose, and thus assist in reducing cravings and in promoting appetite control. The key to our program is to ensure no hunger or deprivation.

healthy personThe dietitians from Menuconcepts Pty Ltd have designed 5 different low GI lifestyle weight loss menu plans for you to choose from. You will be able to read and understand what type of metabolism you have, and then you will choose the weight loss program that will be most suitable for you. Then you can start following your program.

The aim is that you feel like you're living your normal life and losing weight. You will not be waiting to STOP your program and get back to normal life as the aim of our program is that it will become your normal way of life that you can follow forever.

Once you have achieved your goal weight then you will start the maintenance program. It will be the same program that you have always be following, so it will be easy to maintain your new goal weight, there are just a few simple adjustments you will need to make.

Enjoy following the Menuconcepts Pty Ltd low GI lifestyle weight loss program. Many people who have experienced our program say, “I cannot believe how easy it is to follow and I am not even hungry. I do not feel like I am on a diet for the first time, and I am able to live my normal life, eat chocolate and go out for dinner and still loose weight!”

Nicole Moore Senior DietitianDear Client,
Everyone has a different metabolism, and so everyone will need a different eating plan most suited to their type of metabolism, and a different number of servings from each food group. This introduction booklet from Menuconcepts Pty Ltd, "Correspondence Low GI, Lifestyle, Weight Loss Program" will enable you to choose the metabolism type and weight loss plan that most closely represents you. Read step 1 and you will learn about which metabolism type and which low GI weight loss program you should start following.

This introduction booklet will also teach you how to understand and follow your low GI lifestyle weight loss plan, and how to add variety to ensure it becomes your way of life, so you can follow it forever and maintain your new goal weight.

It is important to be involved in regular exercise to maximise your success on your weight loss journey. Remember to include plenty of free non starchy vegetables and other free foods to fill you up (see free food list later), and drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

Focus on how you clothes feel and what your measurements are doing, along with the scales. Remember success is not just about the scales reducing.

You may need to adjust your plan if you find your weight loss is too slow (remember though that as long as your weight &/or measurements are moving down then you're succeeding). Some body types can only lose slowly, due to genetic makeup and a slower basal metabolic rate e.g. if your father or mother have struggled to lose weight and find they gain easily, or if you are short, or over the age of 50.

I highly recommend that when you start your Menuconcepts Pty Ltd, low GI, lifestyle weight loss program, that you get additional support, guidance and motivation from one of the qualified dietitians from www.menuconcepts.com.au Menuconcepts Pty Ltd, to maximise your success. We all need support and your dietitian can answer questions, and will help you through the good and the tough times. See our email correspondence dietitian support package information.

If you follow all these points then you will be triumphant and you will achieve your goal weight and feel GREAT!!

Kind and Healthy Regards
Nicole Moore (Bsc, Master Nutr. Diet, APD, DAA)
Senior Dietitian

Program Includes

  1. Weight Loss Program Education Booklet
    • Introduction of the program.
    • “What your metabolism type is”.
    • “How to decide which weight loss menu plan program suits your metabolism type”.
    • “How to understand and use your weight loss menu plan”.
    • “How to understand your information handouts”.
  2. Menuconcepts Pty Ltd Low GI, Carbohydrate & Protein Balanced Weight Loss Menu Plans
    • 5 low GI weight loss menu plans and provided for you in your program. You will choose which one suits your metabolism type best, to start following for weight loss. Developed by Accredited Practising Dietitians.
  3. Weight Loss Information Handouts
    • Food Records
      • To record everything that you eat and drink, including the treats.
    • Low GI Champion Carbohydrates Shopping Lists
      • These are the low Glycaemic carbohydrates (plant foods) that you should consume.
    • Free Foods Shopping List
      • This is a list of foods that are free to use to add flavour and variety and to provide fillers in case you are hungry.
    • Treat Allowances Guide
      • Lists of treat foods, that is foods which are high in fat, that are allowed on you program to prevent deprivation,
      • Diabetes allowances lists and non diabetes allowances lists provided.
    • Low Fat Cooking Hints
      • Handy tips on how to minimise the fat in your cooking but maximise the flavour.
      • This information handout will teach you how to read and understand a food label.
    • Eating Out Guide
      • This information sheet provides you with all the different types of take aways cuisines and restaurant meals that are available, and which ones are suitable on your weight loss program.
  4. Menuconcepts Pty Ltd Recipe Book (RRP $25.00) “Low Calorie, Low GI, Low Fat, No Added Sugar, Recipe Book”
    • It will provide you with lots of variety and ideas, and over 100 low fat, low GI, no added sugar, calorie controlled breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, muffins and cake recipes suitable for the whole family.
  5. Menuconcepts Pty Ltd Low GI, Lifestyle, Weight Loss Maintenance Program
    • Once you have achieved your goal weight then you want to make sure you maintain this. The maintenance program will provide you with important guidelines on how to adjust your program to stabilise your weight.

Email Dietitian Support Package

You have the option of purchasing a package of 3 email correspondence support consults with your qualified dietitian from Menuconcepts Pty Ltd . This entitles you to 3 emails that you can send to your dietitian regarding any question you may have, comments you wish to make, or problems your are having that you need discussion and advice on. Your dietitian will advise and assist you to help guide you along and ensure that you are achieving your goal.

When will these email support consults be useful?

  • When you motivation is low, and you want to give up,
  • When you need some support and guidance,
  • When you have questions about your program,
  • When you feel you are following your plan and the rate of weight loss is too slow or fast,
  • When you have questions about certain food products you may wish to include, eating out, emotional eating issues, exercise questions.

How long are the 3 consults valid for?

You have a 6 month period from the date of purchase to use your 3 consults. On your Menuconcepts Pty Ltd Correspondence, Low GI, Lifestyle, Weight Loss Program order form you can choose to purchase the weight loss program on its own, or you can choose to include along with you weight loss program order the email correspondence dietitian support package. For only an additional $50.00 investment it is worth it!

Once you have used the 3 email consults you can purchase another package of 3 when and if you feel you need to. Simply fill in another order form and only choose the email consult package option.

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