A slimmer healthier you

Individual Assessment

appletapeWhat topics will be discussed at my appointments?

  • How to balance your diet for your body type and for maximum energy.
  • Food label reading.
  • Low fat food preparation techniques and how to change your menus for added variety, taste and nutrition.
  • Recipe modification and adaptation.
  • How you can incorporate commercial convenience foods into your program.
  • Eating out — how to enjoy eating out and still loose weight.
  • How you can manage emotional eating, guilt and binge eating.
  • Exercise programs will be designed for you and how to fit it into your busy lifestyle and how to enjoy it!
  • How to keep motivated to help you loose the weight and keep it off forever.
  • How you can eat those tasty treat foods, like chocolate and enjoy a glass of wine or beer, and still succeed with losing weight.
  • How to change not only how you eat, but how you think so you can keep the weight off permanently.

How long are the dietary consultations?

Initial Consultation — 30-40 minutes
Follow-up Consultation — 15-20 minutes

Extended consults may be charged if appointments take longer than this.

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