A slimmer healthier you

Personalised lifestyle weight loss menu plan

servicesAt your initial one-on-one appointment with the dietitian, she will conduct a dietary and lifestyle assessment and develop a personalised eating program for you, suited to your individual needs.

Your program will allow you to still eat with your family, go out for a meal and enjoy a piece of chocolate or glass of wine if you desire.  It will include everyday foods and the snack choices you like.  

Your menu program will feel comfortable and will not feel like you are eating completely differently.  It will include the correct amounts of carbohydrates and protein to suit your body and metabolism type.  You will never feel hungry or deprived.

 Our motto is 'if you can't do an eating program forever then there is no point in starting it!' 

You will be able to continue with the program your dietitian devises for you forever. 

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