Nutrition Panels

Why get a Nutrition Panel

nutrition factsIn today's more health aware market the customer wants to know what they are eating, how much fat, protein, carbohydrate, sugar and sodium. It gives the consumer more confidence in a product or dish if they know what the nutritional content is. They are more likely to purchase product or order a dish if they know the nutritional composition. This demand is proven by the fact that 5 years ago only a select few products in the supermarket had the nutritional panels developed and now most products have them, even a stay crisp lettuce package has a panel!

Provide your customers with this knowledge and you will be achieving more customer satisfaction.

Eventually everyone will have followed the trend and you will have to do it. You might as well do it now before your friendly competitor does and gain a bit of an edge!

Nutrition Panels for Restaurants, Cafe's, Catering, Noodle Bars, Juice Bars and More

Anyone can have a nutrition panel created for their products.  You may own a restaurant and want to have all your dishes analysed so your customers can see what the fat, sugar and carbohydrate content of your meals are. You may wish to select a few dishes off your menu, those dishes that I would class as low fat and put them together as a selection on healthier choice dishes. You may wish to put then on your website or in a brochure or flyer, wherever you like!

Catering- Industry, and Producers e.g. chocolates, cakes, drinks, sauces

If you produce certain food products that you distribute to others you may want to provide those who purchase your products with the nutritional composition of your dishes/products. For example I assisted a catering company to develop panels for their garlic and herb breads, lasagne, pasta sauces and cake products. They simply provided me with their recipes, ingredients amounts, weights of final products and I developed their panels.

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