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You may be suffering from a Food Intolerance


A food intolerance is triggered by food chemicals which cause reactions by irritatingnerve endings in different parts of the body, and can cause side effects in sensitive people. The chemicals involved in food intolerances are found in many different foods, so the approach involves identifying them and reducing your intake of groups of foods, all of which contain the same offending substances.


Symptoms triggered by food chemical intolerances vary from person to person. The commenest ones are recurrent hives and swellings, headaches, sinus trouble, mouth ulcers, nausea, stomach pains and bowel irritation. Some people feel vaguely unwell, with flu like aches and pains, or get unusually tired, run down or moody, often for no apparent reason. Children can become irritable and restless, and behavioural problems can be aggravated in those with nervous system disorders such as ADHD. Even breast fed babies can have food intolerance reactions, causing colicky irritable behaviour, loose stools, eczema and nappy rashes.


Skin prick tests or blood tests can detect IgE antibodies in people with allergies but are of no value for diagnosis of intolerances. 


Accredited Dietitian, GP, Paediatric.

Dietary treatment:

A low chemical diet should be followed under the guide of your accredited dietitian. They will then challenge food chemicals to help you understand which food chemicals affect you.

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